Existence is Musical

Existence is musical.  I heard this expression a few weeks ago, and it left a big impression on me.  The idea that life doesn’t have a destination, a goal, is really liberating.  For a long time, I felt trapped in an endless corridor of goals.  I became enmeshed in the idea that success is a far off destination, achieved only after years of school, tedious jobs, and walking over hot coals.  The dream is to one day arrive – whenever that is – save up a bit, retire and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.




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Interestingly enough, I “arrived” a bit early and realized that it was all a hoax.  At 25, I had finished a graduate degree, was teaching college, and had all the outer trappings of success.  But inside, I didn’t feel one bit different at all.  I had arrived at the finish line, only to realize that life isn’t a race.  Life isn’t a journey with a serious destination.  To think this is to cheat yourself out of happiness in the present moment.   You delay happiness and tolerate situations to hopefully, one day get there at the end.


Image courtesy of Akademi Fantasia


In music, the end of the song isn’t the point of the composition.  We don’t dance to arrive at a specific spot in the room.  The point of music and dancing is to enjoy the experience.  And so is life.  Life is a musical thing, and the point is to dance or sing along the way.




Image courtesy of Deviant Art.

Time, Part II

Time is finite.  Time is so precious because none of us knows how much of it we have.   Being fully present in the current moment can be difficult, but it is the only way of truly living.  Regrets are a consequence of living in the past.  Anxiety is a consequence of living in the future.  Being here, now, is the surest way to make every moment count.


Creating is the process that allows me to be fully present.  It gives me a way of allowing everything to melt away: no distractions; no worries of the past or future; no clinging desperately to ideas, people, or things.  It’s my way of enjoying my immediate environment. Its my way of appreciating the gift of being alive.  Recently, I’ve been interested in recording where I stand in a space.  It really makes me present in capturing the moment, feeling, and perspective of my day.


This week something happened that made me realize I may have become a bit complacent with my life.  A friend of mine from college died.  Her name was Maureen.  She was only 29. Maureen was brilliant, vivacious, and an inspiration.  She was passionate about everything she did.  Maureen was great at designing the life she wanted and making it a reality.  She had the ability to make every moment count.


I was so sad to hear of her passing.  It was too soon.  Thoughts flooded my mind after receiving the news.  Each thought pointed to the same message: make the time for the people you care about, make the time for living the life you dream about.  We are not promised a tomorrow.  Don’t delay the important things.  Chase your dreams.  Don’t be afraid to fail.  Fall in love.  Be present in creating the life you want, even when the risks are terrifying.  Because in the end, your life is more important than your fear.


In memory of Maureen Abboud.