Menswear: HeatTech by Uni Qlo

I’m really happy to report back on the HeatTech line by Uni Qlo! The technology used to manufacture these fibers really seemed to deliver. I tested a t-shirt and socks, and stayed toasty warm and dry. This was great, but the best part is that the fabrics are pretty thin. No bulky layers to weigh you down!


I think these are really important qualities for layering pieces in the winter. You want to stay warm, but not feel like your range of motion is prohibited. Also, fabrics that wick moisture away from the body are ideal. Running in and out of the cold means your body is adjusting to extreme temperature changes. In New York, it’s been about 15 degrees. Most buildings are heated to about 70 degrees, making 45 degree temperature gap. Your body may respond to this by sweating!

I noticed that HeatTech had a menswear line. They offer t-shirts, long sleeves shirts, and long johns. My dad had been searching for these basics, so I was happy to get him a few sets. 


The menswear line is sized from XS to XXL. They each have the range of sizes and measurements that corresponds to the sizing – pretty easy to figure out. The garments come in neutrals, but there are some bold colors and fun prints available too. This is important in a menswear line – shouldn’t guys be able to have options to reflect their personality? I called my dad and asked which colors he would prefer. He wanted something bright, like the electric blue pants. Unfortunately, they were out of his size. But I got him a reddish pink pair! I decided to get the long sleeves shirt in black so it would be more “conservative”. 



The other set is gray and black, so the sets can be mixed and matched. I know my dad likes versatility, because he doesn’t like to spend a lot of time getting ready. (Hmm, this must be where I got it from. I hate spending lots of time getting ready!) Gentlemen, I definitely recommend this line. After all, I wouldn’t buy it for my dad if I didn’t like it.  Hopefully we can get his opinion on the line in the next few days.  Love you, Dad!