• Indeed! I related so much to his act of painting in solitude and disinterest in commercialism. As a painter, I waver between the love of painting and the desire to sell it for some sort of financial success. In the end, my need to continue the process always trumps the marketing and commercial aspects.

  1. Interesting, to leave out titling. I often look for titles when viewing abstract art, but *after* my first unencumbered impression, as if playing a game of charade to see if my impression matches the artists intention. But in no way is it necessary to match, as what’s amazing about art is that it expresses the ineffable and is open to subjective interpretation, and in fact needs to be. We often don’t realize how much art actually mirrors life, for all our perceptions/presumptions of our reality are in fact subjective. The artist’s own interpretation can remain subjective-hermetically sealed (I think I got this expression from Dadaism…).

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