1. Dear Monica,

    I really like the one that looks like a bird on a branch with a red sun (or moon?)! Congratulations that you are able to practice your art in spite of any difficulties! About allowing, it is very difficult for us westerners, especially women. From my decades-long study on the psychological school of thought of Carl Jung, also known as analytical psychology, I have come to understand and believe that women have a masculine presence inside of them, as men have a feminine presence inside their psyches that often have negative and destructive voices and often lead them astray. In women, this masculine presence is known in that school of thought as the animus (In the males, the feminine voice is known as the anima.) In Latin, animus means spirit and anima means soul. Although these presences can be very destructive, they are also considered by Jung to be the bridges between our conscious and unconscious minds.

    It all sounds very complex, I’m sure, but the upshot of it is that the animus in a woman often tells her things inside her head like, “You (it) should/must be (do this or that) this way!” and many other troubling thoughts often of inadequacy, etc. One way to counteract these thoughts is to ask oneself, “Is this really so?” and to think AND feel what the truth is. We will probably never silence these thoughts completely. I hear them too, especially when I’m frustrated because I can’t achieve a certain goal as quickly as I’d want, and it’s usually in the wee hours right before I got to bed. However, I continue to heed my dreams (of sleep time as well as waking time) and they are a certain although not always a crystal clear guide to what’s on the menu of life for me.

    For instance, I had a peculiar, but very nice dream this morning, that a female neighbor of mine of 23 years who died last Xmas suddenly in waking reality, got a lovely, large diamond engagement ring from a man of the Kennedy family and was to marry him! Subsequently in the dream, we were at a party and Caroline Kennedy, John and Jacqueline Kennedy’s daughter, whom I’ve become very impressed with in waking reality recently with her recent ambassadorship to Japan and what she said about it on the TV news magazine, “60 Minutes,” said in the dream that she wanted to introduce me to her brother, Jonathan (who of course doesn’t exist in waking reality, but represents an inner male figure of mine) who wanted to meet me too. I was delighted!

    Then she said she didn’t recall what I’d done in life and I refreshed her memory by telling her that I am a 2009 Pulitzer Prize (Laureate, I said in the dream, but the waking reality truth is that I contended for the Pulitzer with my book of essays on religion, philosophy, education, astrology, etc. called, Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth, which I so named because with a lot of the voices both inner and outer, that is where most of us find ourselves in life) and that I published about 15 books in the past two years on http://www.amazon.com‘s Kindle e-reader, that I was published in the New York Times Sunday Magazine Letters to the Editor Section on what is the best kind of love, and that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and her chambers have warmly praised my wisdom shown in my correspondence to her several times (all true in waking reality).

    After that, in the dream, there was a large black man, who looked like a lawyer whose mother-in-law lives on the same floor in my building in waking reality, neither of whom I like very much, and he said in the dream that he remembered having met me, as he sat in a strapped lawn chair in the lamp-lit night in the garden of the party and somehow he looked at the fingernails on my right hand and said that they were trained, meaning that they were well-manicured, which they weren’t and I said, “No they’re not!” and I realized with distaste that he had lied to me although I didn’t know exactly what his motive was, e.g.., to secretly make a fool of me or to try to gain my sexual interest in him or something else, but I was somewhat disgusted with him (again my inner man and I relating; my animus, like yours it seems, tends to be very forceful and have a Bluebeard or very brutal, cruel, destructive aspect as do many of the men around me in waking reality, as well, which is very dismaying!) Ms. Kennedy, now knowing who I was and what I had done entered the building with me from the garden where we were previously in the dream to introduce me to her brother, but as we were mounting the low marble staircase to go to where he was, I awoke to hear my new neighbor in the apartment above me pouring a steady stream of liquid out his window, which he is absolutely not supposed to do and which fell upon my windows! Some way to be awakened! At first I thought it might be raining, but then I saw the bright sunshine!

    I also believe from what you say and the work that you do that you are an intuitive feeling type. Intuitives, as I am, often have difficulty with knowing how to place and get (!) a price that is in accord with the correct or most true monetary value of their efforts, whether they be in the visual arts or otherwise. I have the same problem. It can make one’s life very difficult, especially in a money-driven society like ours. One man’s solution to this was to allow people to pay whatever they saw fit for his services, and for one counselling session, one man paid him 50 cents (!) and another $5,000! This seemed to work for him. See what your dreams say. Many of the books I’ve published on amazon.com are my dream journals which span over half a century! I called them, The Interpretation of Dreams, after Sigmund Freud’s groundbreaking Title by that name because I think mine are equally as groundbreaking! I don’t know anyone whose done what I’ve done in that sphere as in many others I’ve chosen to try to master! I started, relatively clumsily, when I was four! I’m 57 now. I don’t always get it right, but a lot of the time I do seem to understand this type of Morse Code tapped out in my sleep (and in that of others!) in my dream scenes.

    Best of luck to you with your struggle with your inner voices/demons, Monica! Some who seem to know say that when we cast out our demons, we cast out our angels with them! Blessed be!

    • Wow, this is so spot on! I love Carl Jung and went to see the exhibition of his Red Book in California a few years ago. That is powerful work. I have a lot of ideas forming from your writing – I will comment later. So many things come to us during dreams.

  2. Alright, Monica! I’ll look forward to reading your further comment! I am familiar with Jung’s Red Book, but not entirely. I heard about the opening of which you speak from a Jung forum I used to participate in on my webtv computer at the time. I first came across Jung’s work in 1978 or ’79 at the Colosseum Book Store that used to be in Columbus Circle. I would go there and browse and I saw Jung’s autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and it immediately caught my eye. I bought it and started reading it over dinner after work at a bistro in the Columbus Circle area that had a glassed in patio with tables with white table cloths and napkins; it was really classy; I can still see it clearly. I also clearly recall my reaction to Jung which was like coming home.

    After that, I somehow, I don’t recall how, I found the Kristine Mann Library in the C. G. Jung Institute on East 28th Street, in Manhattan, I believe, between Madison and Park, and it’s wonderful librarian at the time, Doris Byrdy Albrecht, who became a close friend and mentor to me over decades and who fed me a steady stream of Jung’s work and that of his followers, that I devoured hungrily, so to speak! I never knew where all this was leading. I had very few ambitions at the time, but I knew that I wanted to learn and understand as much as I could. I also knew that the solution to the riddles of my existence lay in books and it turns out that that was a good hunch. Books are my best friends; they dispute and disagree without becoming disagreeable unlike most people and they tend to tell the truth, though not always and not always literal truth, but psychological.

    It’s nice to make your acquaintance in this way, Monica! Ciao, bella!

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