1. This one makes me think a lot, especially the last sentence which I don’t totally understand and need to contemplate a while. Does he mean we will regret the only later in life, or is the will more freely to interpret?! The other phenomenon he describes has to do with what Scientists terms the morphic field, or morphogenic resonance… inspiring, amazing, eye-opening stuff.

  2. For me, the last sentence means that we pursue the things that make us happy and try to eliminate what we will regret during our life. . . because life is so fleeting. We must act now to remove fear and regret, or else it will chase us until the very end. I was describing the photo I took to a friend, and felt that it sounded like a poem: “It dropped into the wet cement as they poured the sidewalk. The leaf crumbled, but left behind its imprint.”

  3. That photo was so perfect, I did not even consider you took it, thought it was an art object or a stock image. That’s true poetry the way you worded it. Also poetic is as well as a powerful mantra is “We must act now to remove fear and regret,…” I’m reading a book on cosmic consciousness by Rupert Sheldrake and McKenna wherein one of the chapters talks about the morphogenic field where such information is stored, and which leads to phenomena as haunted places, but also on a smaller scale… everything leaves an imprint, nothing in the universe gets lost. Ever.

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