1. This totally resonates with me this morning. I woke up from a long, detailed and continuous dream where I visited an artificial moon built for experimental purposes over Earth, a tiny thing with a fraction of gravity, and I went there alone, all by myself… as an experiment. I was locked up inside my room already after 6pm, but never ever bored. I saw the beauty and poetry in EVERYTHING, things I had brought with me that were not new. I marveled at the engineering of a piece of gear, or at the print of a book cover. I closed the shade to the window of the cosmos, just not to feel “watched”. I was not bored for one minute. In the morning, I took a jog through the little holographic forrest created for me where I enjoyed every sensory input stimulus in total lone silence. I summarized this experience after returning to Earth, paraphrased in a way that rings somewhat similar to your quote. What a trip, quite literally; one of the most vivid dreams I ever remember (there is another one also but I digress…)!

    • Incredible synchronicity, Boris. You know how much I enjoy my alone time, and I locked myself in this weekend to write and create things. It’s so fascinating to be absorbed in your work. Looking forward to catching up more about this.

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