1. Bob Stieg

    Monica, you have a wonderful talent for finding the human history behind “fashion” history, as in your research on Utah Tailoring Mills. This was so interesting, and sobering.

  2. Varda Brahms

    Well, on the other link, I had requested that KC post the article and any further info about the family, and then I found all of what is posted here! — so Thanks!! It’s Very Interesting to learn all this! So Sorry for what happened to the family and all families because of the Nazis…… I guess there hasn’t been any further info about finding the designs, or any way to reconstruct them… but it’s still neat to have this little window into remembering the shop and I can remember the wonderful smell of the leather, too!

  3. robert stone

    I grew up in Brooklyn and then Long Island. My older brother got a job somehow as a shoe salesman for Fred Braun’s store on 8th St. I was also able to work there only on Saturday’s, which was probably their busiest day. I remember this was probably around 1969-71 as I graduated high school in 1971. The shoes were very cool. well made and some were definitely unisex. I remember I had a red pair.Since the store was in the Village, we could wear what we wanted, have long hair, etc. And of course at my age, I just loved waiting on all the good looking girls who came in. I think Fred’s wife ran the store and she was pretty stern. It wasn’t easy work, a lot of running around, up & down. I did it so I could come into the city on Saturday,work all day, make some money and then enjoy myself at night!

  4. Deborah

    I am trying to locate pictures of his shoes made in the 70s. Square front shoes. When I was a teenager in the 70s everyone was wearing them.

  5. Consuelo Patterson

    It was a privilege to wear these shoes. and in the south bronx, That’s all we wore. The box was special. I loved these shoes. and love the talented men who made them.

  6. Cathy

    Best shoes ever. I used to save up my babysitting money and buy a new pair once a month. That is how obsessed I was with these fabulous shoes. His shoes started my shoe obsession which has continued till today and my son and daughter are just like me.
    Anyway great company would love to see them make a comeback.

  7. reich carole

    My father was Fred (and his two brothers) cousin. I personally met Fred several times and know a lot about the family history and have the full family tree. Please contact me. I would be so happy to share. especially with KC.

    • lisa mionie

      your father was Fred Braun, the Fred Braun?
      I adored, cherished and coveted my bags and shoes from Fred Braun! I am constantly searching for his shoes online,at flea markets,stores…

      Please feel free to contact me : lmionie@gmail.com

      Would love to learn more about the family,business and why no one ever took over the brand..it was truly unique and so ahead of its time!

  8. Diane

    Couldn’t wait to cash our little $39 dollar summer youth employment checks so we could head to the village to buy Fred Braun shoes. Man, what a wonderful shoe maker. I am in my 60’s and still think about those days buy his shoes in the Village. Thanks Fred Braun!

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