1. AGAIN! A lovely, lovely post! (Vertes was the last one I completely flipped over!)

    Pauline was a complete genius! In every way!

    Lucky you to find a dress by her!!

    In the late sixties; early seventies…….my darling and wonderful mother bought dresses for me! Suits!

    she kept designing into her nineties…I think!

    Lucky me!!


    ps she is the one who started collecting “Marcel Vertes”!!!

    • My mother was the one who started collecting “Vertes” paintings!
      Same mother bought Pauline Tiegere clothes for me in the late sixties; early seventies!!

      Sheesh !! I wish I still had them!!)

      and it was Pauline who kept designing until a very old age! She was infinitely gifted! Practical and creative!

      what a DAME!!!


    • Hi Penelope! Oh no, what happened to your Trigere clothes? I hope they are packed away somewhere and weren’t given away! I didn’t know that Trigere started collecting Vertes. It makes so much sense, though. I photocopied the article on Trigere. If you’d like a copy, I will scan it to a PDF next week and send it to you via email. :)

    • Oh! So sorry! My mother collected Vertes; and she loved Pauline and her designs…….I do think that Pauline had a few Vertes; as did Gypsy Rose Lee; Conde Nast……and others! Elsie de Wolfe! (I bought one from Tony Duquette that had belonged to Elsie)!

      Oh, how I wish I had kept those dresses and suits…….I didn’t! Interesting; now I consider vintage clothes as quite the same thing as “art”; I didn’t really get that at a young age!

      I must say; however, I wore those clothes for twenty years! Some completely “wore out”!

      A good sign! They were the “keepers”! Classic, wonderful clothes!

      My mother also wore amazing lovely clothes by “Adrian” and many other fab designers (Clare McCardell); a few Chanel. When she died (“went up”) I donated her things to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art…Costume Council.

      Lots of “Hattie Carnegie” hats; lots of gorgeous clothes…….I have never looked into what happened to them!

      what a wonderful post…..I love following your blog!

  2. Oh, yes! I forgot to say! I met her once; and the “turtle” “La tortue” in French; she considered her “lucky charm”!

    With all that talent; she probably didn’t need one! But she had it, anyway!!!

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