1. susan patti

    I so agree, Look at MarK Whaiberg, Sean Connery, and many sexy athletes, they are not too think but rock the outfit they are wearing. Men are supposed to be manly, they are traditionally the care takers. Even women we are supposed to be curvy, I dare anyone to tell me Jane Mansfield or Liz Taylor were too fat. They were gorgeous.

    • Anyone who is too thin looks sickly. Confidence and health are incredibly sexy, regardless of gender. Whatever promotes these two attributes is beautiful in my book.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out on this great post!

    As my age approaches my waist size, I realize that both are much too large a number for runway.

    Obvi, I missed a few things when I scanned through this video! I’m pretty sure I could find a way to rock that coat. After all, orange IS my favorite color!

    • I’m loving orange. I’m all about it right now. I have a great dress in the same hue! You should get the trench, or something similar to it. It’s so Kareem McJagger :)

      Thanks for the inspiration and collaboration. Maybe we can exchange guest posts sometime. Or we can go shopping together and can write about each other

  3. who decides what is ideal…? anyone who is comfortable in their own skin exudes self confidence, and is naturally beautiful…Isnt it sad that so many of us get pulled into trying to be, or look like other people, when its our own uniqueness that we discard.

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