1. I’m always intrigued by tales of the archives of designers and manufacturers. You were lucky to have the chance to work on the Calvin Klein archives.

    In the early 1980s when Philip Sills – the maker of the majority of Bonnie Cashin’s designs – retired, he decided to break up the archives, donating it to multiple educational institutions that had design departments. In each case the school got not only the garment, but the design sketches, the corresponding pattern and promotional material. It was an incredible amount of material that, now, unfortunately, is spread across the country. Of course, the schools that got the stuff would probably disagree when I say the it should have been kept together.

    • When it’s all in one place, it is much easier to research an gain a better understanding of the design philosophy. So I hear you on this point! But at least the archive was saved and given to schools that care for and appreciate the objects. It breaks my heart when objects are left uncared for or – worse yet – are discarded!

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