1. I found this post fascinating! I am a “decorator”; kind of a hybrid artist; not in the league you wrote about!

    I don’t know if it pertains; but here is my brief story. I was first married to a man who was (I believe my therapist); jealous of my talent; and put me down every chance he got. We had a child; but I had to get out. I could feel my spirit and talent ebbing away. It felt like drowning.

    I married again; 37 years ago, a man who celebrated, encouraged and has reveled in my “right brain” talent…….he is completely “left brain”; and he took over the running of the “business side” 25 years ago! I have had incredible business opportunities I would never have been able to accept without him at the “business helm”!

    I am so blessed; and he would tell you the same thing. He sold his business (he was the 3rd generation to run it); and at 50; took over the “business part” of mine.

    Someone said to me at the time…..”What? What if you split up? You are handing over the business to your husband???”

    Dumb and dumber. Without me; there is no “engine”. The luckiest day of my life; and his!! He thanks me every day; and I thank him! That is different from your topic…..there is no “competition”!

    It’s “here’s the church, here’s the steeple, open the doors and see all the people!!” Filling in each other’s blanks……and together forging ahead!
    Pretty darn good!!!

    • I think your story definitely pertains to this topic! It’s funny, because I know how much the wrong partner can derail your life’s work. I was in a similar situation as your first marriage – someone that discouraged me from painting, writing, etc. It’s an awful thing to experience. And it feels very much like drowning – maybe not in water, but drowning in someone else’s sense of self. Really terrible.

      But finding a partner that supports you is definitely possible! Your story is so inspirational. It’s really the ideal scenario. You both have trust in one another, and your interests and abilities compliment one another. You can fill in each other’s blanks, grow together, and create something that wouldn’t be possible to do alone. That’s truly beautiful. I am so happy for you :)

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