1. HighlandsAndIslands

    Was just looking on ebay for vintage curtains….came across a fantastic barkcloth pattern. It was by John Little. I was so taken with it that I did a google search for him. Your blog is the only mention of him I can find. I will send the link to the auction since you might like to see the fabric.


  2. Kari

    Hi! I was thrilled to come across your blog on Wesley Simpson. I purchased a scarf at a thrift store today mostly because I love the colors and the design, and it is silk. It really caught my eye. Turns out it is called ” Manhattan Medley by Wesley Simpson” – there is also a signature on the opposite corner “Cobelle”. I don’t know the value of this but it sure is fun to read about! The scarf is beautiful violet, purple and yellow with scents of Manhattan. I would love to send you a photo but I am not sure how to – in this email. Thanks again for your posts, I’m glad I came across you. Love the info on textiles! Happy Holidays from Santa Barbara!

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