1. Thank You so very much for your excellent post, detailed pics and Lynn Felsher’s link to more about Wesley Simpson. I’ve had two of his scarves for years and could never find out anything more about him. I do feel like I’m holding onto a mini work of art, and am glad I kept them all these years knowing they were special. Again Thanks L. Chapple

    • Hi Linda! So happy that I could provide you with information! Wesley Simpson contributed so much to American fashion and textile history. It makes me sad that someone like him is virtually unknown. I would love to see your scarves, if you could email me images of them: monicadmurgia@gmail.com – I’d love to include them in an upcoming post. Another reader recently purchased a textile design by John Little, and I would love to include it in that article. John Little was an abstract painter that did textile designs from the 1920s-1960s, making him a contemporary of Simpson.

  2. This scarf is gorgeous–I’m in love with the details and design of it. After your great article here, I need to go through my own scarves to see if something similar is lurking in the shadows (one can always hope, right?).

    • You’d be surprised! I’ve collected quite a few Vera, Echo, and other scarves as a child -well before I knew their significance! Please let me know if you find any gems lurking in your closet :)

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