• The place Ashley took me to barely had a mirror, let alone a dressing room. So the fit was a total surprise once I had it back at home. It was a stellar find, and I seriously started jumping up and down when I found it. I promise to take you to this amazing place whenever you make it up for a visit. I found a few other fantastic things, but this was the best!

  1. What a lucky find! The dress looks marvelous on you. The inner construction photo you show is one of the reasons I love vintage clothing. I wish I could do a better job of teaching the difference in quality between vintage dresses and the garbage sold in stores today.

    • Oh, but I think you really do! I love your website!! Aside from having some of the most amazing treasures, you really take the time write wonderful articles, photograph the garments in detail, and include detailed descriptions. People may come to Couture Allure to shop, but they definitely leave with fantastic information. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and I’m so honored to hear from you :)

  2. Dorothy

    It’s such a beautiful dress have you thought of copying it. I’m taking the online class by Kenneth King on how to copy ready to wear. If I lived in Los Angeles, I’d offer to copy it for you.

    • Hi Dorothy!

      No, I’d never considered it…although what a great idea. The dress is amazing. It reminded me of some of the clothing Victoria Beckham produces for her dress label. Have you seen those? She has a talented design team and good eye to direct them

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