1. As much as the monokini “bares it all,” there’s still a lot covered up. Low cut on the thighs and covered belly button. I can’t remember what the rear of the suit does “” does anyone know? Does it have full bottom coverage?

    It’s very deceiving because obviously your eye is drawn to the exposed breast. Shocking! But the rest is so tame, but you’d never know it because…look! breasts!

  2. Love these, especially the patchwork one. I don’t know it if was intentionally “green,” but I’d like to think this was made from the odd pieces left over from cutting out Gernreich’s dresses!
    I actually have a Gernreich swimsuit in my collection. It is solid black wool, which does not sound very exciting, but the cut is pure Gernreich! It’s probably from about 1962, give or take a year.

    • I must come and view your collection. And after our time in Atlanta, I still never got to look at your “list”!! I’m actually going to make one of my own. Although I’ve put it off, since it is a bit of a dangerous thing – it makes me want to spend more money. :)

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