1. I love your post and share your appreciation of Rubin’s work. His energy and palette, the typical Israeli kibbutz scenes and the shift from hues of brilliant light to ochres and browns of twilight are breathtaking. I had the good fortune several years ago to meet Yadid at Chelouche, and we had a chance to discuss his work. I was charmed by his modest and unpretentious demeanor. Need to start saving for my first piece of original Israeli art; he is starting to fetch some serious sums. I’m glad his painting is hanging at the HBSC in NY;great ambassador.If you agree, let’s be friends on FB. Also, I would gladly contribute to your blog, I am an artist myself and also a writer. http://facebook.com/danielbeaudoinsart

  2. I was reminded of this beautiful painting yesterday when I found a Harris Tweed jacket in a thrift store. I love the link you’ve made between painting and textiles.

    • Thanks, Lizzie! Your blog always inspires me :) I promise I will get you the article soon. The past few days have been crazy. I’m anxious to get back to a normal writing schedule!

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