1. The mid 18th c-early 19th c is also one of my two favorite periods of history (fashion and art and history in general as well!). I just hate that I lose it for Rococo art and fashion when my modern standpoint lets me see the sorts of values embodied by those who promoted it! The decadent floofery really couldn’t have existed without some serious exploitation and willful ignorance of how those exploited were living. The other favorite period of history/fashion history, also perhaps just as ironically–the Gilded Age! I just try to keep the cognitive dissonance alive and well, the stuff’s just too pretty not to. Ha.

  2. junemilller

    I used to admire Pompadour, not so much anymore. The strategy she used to keep the king under her influency was abhorrent. Madame de Pompadour didn’t enjoy sex and Louis XV contaminated her with some sort of sexually transmitted disease he got from one of his one night stands with other women. She couldn’t be sexually with him anymore. To secure her position she begin briging him (not her, but she was the supervisor and she had the idea) VERY young girls (14, 13, 12) corrupting him in the most vile way. Thus, those young girls from the lower classes wouldn’t represent a threat. Louis XV became a pedophile. Marquis D’Argensen talks about a 9 year old girl in his memoirs. The philosophers, since I’ve learned that Voltaire got rich from being involved in slave trade, wasn’t that much a defender of free speech as the legand goes and Diderot had very ignorant views on the poor, I became cynical about the “Age Of Enlighment”. There’s always been philosophy and defenders of free thought. The XVIII one only had a better PR. By the way, the named mistresses of Louis XV is around 60. There were a great deal more of anonymous girls.

    I agree about the fashion though.

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