1. A fantastic review. It’s a shame about the short-coming of the exhibit, that the strengths could not have been followed throughout the show. I think that sometimes curators and exhibit designers forget that the general public does not have the background sometimes necessary to get the most from an exhibit like this one.

  2. Greetings! I just found your site: Looking Back to Find Our Future at the Nordic Fashion Biennale | Monica D. Murgia when I was searching digg.com. It looks as though someone liked your website so much they decided to bookmark it. I’ll surely be returning here more often.

  3. I saw the show last week, I’ll agree that some of it was a bit unfocused and undocumented, but I came in with no expectations and was subsequently knocked out by how well the fashion pieces integrated with the museums exhibits- they needed little commentary to understand where the designers were coming from, part of the show’s appeal for me was making the connections. Good to see so much quality work from the Faroes- I even got the impression that there was a homage to Jørgen-Frantz Jacobson’s Barbara in one of the installations.

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