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1929 Jantzen Diving Girl Swimsuit. Image courtesy of thevintagetraveler.wordpress.com

As a fashion lover and professor of fashion history, it’s no surprise that I have a passion for vintage.   It’s a logical progression that since my working hours are dedicated   to looking at art, fashion, and interiors from past eras that my enthusiasm for history often spills over into my free time.   I’m an avid eBay shopper.   American Pickers is my favorite show.   Digging through flea markets and thrift stores is my idea of a modern-day treasure hunt.   So recently, when I came across The Vintage Traveler, I was delighted to find someone as interested in vintage as I am!

Vintage skirt with Paris motif. Image courtesy of fuzzylizzie.com

Creator Lizzie Bramlett is a former teacher and long-time collector   of vintage clothing.     Her blog chronically the quest for life, liberty, and the pursuit of vintage.   Lizzie takes us on her trips across the country to find the most amazing pieces.   Think of it like American Pickers for fashion historians.

Vintage Dior hatbox! J'adore! Image courtesy of fuzzielizzie.com


In addition to seeing Lizzie’s drool-worthy finds, The Vintage Traveler shares obscure fashion history facts.   Expect to see vintage photographs, reviews of fashion books and films, hints for identifying and collecting historic fashion, and a bi-weekly round-up of fashion history news from around the internet.

Vintage purse, detail. Image courtesy of thevintagetravler.wordpress.com

A site dedicated to gorgeous, one-of-a-kind fashions that teaches us to be vintage connoisseurs – what’s not to like?

Racks of vintage. Image courtesy of thevintagetraveler.wordpress.com


Fun mannequins. Image courtesy of thevintagetraveler.wordpress.com

Vintage hangers with a West Highland Terrier! Image courtesy of thevintagetraveler.wordpress.com

Be sure to visit The Vintage Traveler for more beautiful photos.   And follow Lizzie on Twitter for daily tweets!

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