1. Jimmie Ray Giboney

    Hi! Yes, I have a Website but I didn’t include it because it is incomplete. But anyway….
    I enjoyed your blog article. I thought, “You can tell this was written by a woman all right!” Your article reminded me of something I forgot about. The panels of “The View” and “The Talk” and other shows, made a big fuss when reporting Jerry’s casting call for natural breasts. I’ve seen the movie and I enjoyed it save for the mermaids, as ever since “SPLASH!” was made, I expect to see mermaids that show it all. None of the mermaids showed anything in this movie, so I was disappointed with them. Save for them being a plot device, they were a waste. All that fuss about breasts that never make an appearance! In retrospect it was just a treat for the casting people who got to inspect them. I wonder how many of the mermaid girls, who upon seeing the movie, were surprised to see that they were nude for nothing! Now as for breast preferences, I don’t like looking at ones that remind me, that save for the nipples, areolas, and milk-ducts, they are just fat-filled body parts. I prefer no sag too for that makes them look like just another layer of fat. (A digression into how fat people are becoming more common these days.) Or put it simply, Heidi Montag is literally my wish come true, and when it all first began to come true, I was very surprised that girls and women were suddenly going along with my wish. For those who believe in Karma, I guess my “curse” is that I can’t afford such girls/women, being so high maintenance and all, so they are out of my league, unless I win millions someday. Shoot, even those young actresses without the implants are too. Non-fat people I know, try to set me up with overweight females, just because I am overweight. But if truth be told, I’m not dating anyone now, because dates aren’t free, even if you aren’t asking out a prostitute. Until I finally get paid as a writer or artist, or I settle for a job I hate, females are off limits. But until then, I settle for the fantasy involved in ogling female eye-candy, such as the ones you used as examples. Happy June Holidays!

  2. […] As I watched the video, I found it really difficult to focus on the clothing.   The male models were too thin.   Instead of finding them attractive, I was noticing how most of the models had the same size thighs as me.   I really hope that menswear doesn’t start taking this direction.   I like men that are tall and muscular.   The idea of skinny, emaciated men as the new ideal form makes me sad, and definitely makes my libido drop.   In my opinion, men can be too thin. (New to my site? You should read a similar post on women’s bodies I’ve written: Movies, Boobies, and Ideal Beauty) […]

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