1. Hi, thank you so much for such a wonderful blog. Your writing style helped me a lot to fix my own writing. Looking forward to see some more great posts from you. Again thank you so much.

  2. […] How to Speak Fashion Part II | Monica D. Murgia Jacques Griffe was one of very few designers capable sketching, draping, cutting, and sewing He trained early on with a local tailor, and later with Madeleine Vionnet. Vionnet exposed him to unique ways of cutting, and how techniques in draping By the 1930s, Hermès expanded to women’s clothing The company focused on clothing for sports like horseback riding skiing, and skating. Skijump Ensemble by Hermès. Illustrated by Pierre Pagès, […]

  3. Hi Monica, a lot of the fashion illustrations are picked (and hosted) from our website http://www.hprints.com, our online archives are the result of hours of scanning and research from original documents. A friendly link would for our work would have been fair. Nice blog by the way.
    Nice day! :)

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