• I finally decided to search for the sudden artist. At 62 years of age, four years ago, and after about 15 years of an IMPRESSION swiftly floating in and out of my mind I was able to paint 100 paintings on 20 year old butcher paper with commercial acrylics, that blew me aweay because I could see the artistic skill that was not comming from my concious mind. Thoughts GUIDED me at every step af each piece. I have not painted for 4 years but I went on an educational journey that I knew would guide me to my future as an artist. I am being EXTREMELY briefe. I will explain more at my FAA web site in the blog section. In january of 2012 (birthday of jan 28,1946), another aspect of my creativity was expressed in assemblage, 3D art using gathered construction material and other found art. I never knew what the final piece would look like as I just “found” pieces of stuff in my organized pile and just “felt” that each piece would “work”. Later I will list the concepts that I felt I had in my concious mind in my blog. I am at the library and must stop so please respond so that we can connect on this. I am making a lot of progress towards a wild and beautiful future because I KNOW this is what I am meant to do. I had no brain injury it was a result of innner and outer spiritual guidance that I will explain later. Pleas respond. JOE

  1. I have the same problem. Every day I hear “All you do is play guitar”, “thats the most beautiful thing Ive heard” and “all you talk about is music!” The voices in my head write music all day every day, I think I might be insane. Ive recently started putting my works on facebook, lookup The Space Junkie.

  2. […] Sudden Artistic Output: This is an extremely rare neurological condition that affects the brain’s breaking system.  So what does this mean?  It means that the brain can no longer inhibit certain behaviors.  In the case of sudden artistic output, people who have this condition has a compulsion to create works of art. […]

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