1. Z

    Does color even exist, or is it merely a product of our fancy? Do things have inherent, static smells, tastes, sounds and colors, or do we arbitrarily intuit those from our own minds to attribute to them?

    so interesting
    I love how you related this to art and fashion seamlessly. Keep up the blog it’s very interesting.

  2. What a great article! You did a great job researching this. As an artist with synesthesia I was very enthralled with this post as a whole; it makes me feel not so alone.
    I have the kind of synesthesia where musical tones, people, places, foods, days of the week, etc etc, are colors. And I “feel” them. It’s hard to explain. I’m actually still finding ways to explain to my husband!

    • Thanks for writing! You are most definitely not alone. One day when I was giving a lecture in my class, I found out one of my students had synesthesia and never knew it! Would love to have you write a guest post about what it is like for you to create art! Let me know if you are interested. You can email me at: monicadmurgia@gmail.com

  3. I have synesthesia! I only recently found out about it, after reading A mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass. My letters, numbers, and words all have colors. Some (actually most) even have gender, personality, and occasionally age.

  4. Elise

    Hmm… I not only have numbers and letters that are colored and are almost characters, I also have a calendar, days of the week, month, etc. in certain places in the air. Also months and everything have color.

  5. henry

    Dear Monica D. Murgia. My first time here on your site. it is awesome. But i am leaving in disbelief because you have not included the greatest one of them all. Salvador Dali my friend.
    OK so he was a Surrealist, Is Surrealism an indulgence of Synesthesia?. I think so. For i even counted the DRAWERS in Salvador Dali’s famous 1936 Venus de Milo with “DRAWERS”.
    and other DRAWERS paintings he created. I counted the DRAWERS because i believe that they pertained to our SENSES. Like Synesthesia complex senses. Imagine he dedicated those painting as homage to Sigmund Freud. Any Monica, i too am a friecky Synesthesia in the ARTS indulgent. and so the story goes.

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